Our Vision, Mission and Goals


To develop an integrated system of excellence in cardiovascular disease prevention for the Champlain region that acts as a model for Ontario and Canada.


To enhance the capacity of stakeholders to work together to deliver integrated, innovative, high quality, evidence-based policies and programs that will improve the cardiovascular health of Champlain residents.


Health Goals – To improve the cardiovascular health of Champlain residents


  • To increase the proportion of Champlain residents who are smoke-free, physically active, and making healthy food choices.
  • To increase the proportion of Champlain residents with healthy blood pressure, blood cholesterol, blood glucose, and body weight.
  • To eliminate inequities in cardiovascular risk and CVD mortality across the Champlain region.

Health System Goals – To build a system of excellence in integrated CVD prevention and management


  • To act as a catalyst for strengthening intersectoral collaboration and capacity of partners.
  • To create a regional infrastructure to deliver integrated, evidence-based CVD prevention policies and programs.
  • To reduce unnecessary admissions to hospital and health care spending.
  • To facilitate proactive delivery of CVD care among health practitioners across the Champlain region.
  • To empower residents, patients, families, and communities to prevent and better manage CVD.
  • To support the dissemination of CCPN best practices, technical skills, and knowledge to other Ontario LHINs and Public Health Units.


Board of Directors

Dr. Andrew Pipe (Chair)
Chief, Division of Prevention & Rehabilitation, University of Ottawa Heart Institute

Mr. Randy Penney
CEO, Renfrew Victoria & St. Francis Memorial Hospitals

Dr. Isra Levy
Medical Officer of Health, Ottawa Public Health

Ms. Marion Fraser
Chief Financial Officer, University of Ottawa Heart Institute

Dr. David Salisbury
Director, Civil Aviation Medicine, Transport Canada

Dr. Robert Cushman
Former CEO, Champlain LHIN

Project Management Team

Laurie Dojeiji
Program Manager
613-696-7000 x 18836  |  ldojeiji@ottawaheart.ca

Andra Taylor
Registered Dietitian
613-696-7000 x 18660  |  antaylor@ottawaheart.ca

Melissa Martins
Program Officer
613-696-7000 x 18054  |  mvmartins@ottawaheart.ca

Gillian Pritchard
Special Projects Coordinator
613-696-7000 x 17602  |  gpritchard@ottawaheart.ca